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Getting Started
Basics To Packaging
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Getting Started
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  1. Create working area- If you have a spare bedroom or office this is a good place to create a work area.
  2. Packaging tape for sealing- We recommend 2" wide plastic tape. Do not use masking or duct tape, it does not adhere to cardboard well.
  3. Maker - To label boxes
  4. Boxes- Have a selection of various sizes.
  5. Scissors or sharp knife to cut tape.
  6. Soft packaging- We recommend white paper, tissue, towels or newspaper.


Basics To Packaging
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  1. Fill boxes to the top to prevent crushing.
  2. Pack in layers, the heaviest at the bottom
  3. Fragile items should be packed separately
  4. Start with out of season items.
  5. Do not pack flammable of combustible that may leak or spill.
  6. Small hardware should be in plastic bags and taped to the item they belong.
  7. Avoid overloading cartons but pack firmly so items will not shift.
  8. Label all cartons on 2 sides and top
  9. Label any items you will need immediately as "Essential or Unpack First"
  10. Pack books in small boxes, they get heavy quickly.


Let Them Know You Moved
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  1. Cable company
  2. Electric Company
  3. Gas/Oil Company
  4. Water Company
  5. Telephone Companies- including cellular
  6. Internet provider
  7. Insurance- Auto and Homeowners
  8. Magazines
  9. Newspaper
  10. Post Office



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